On Wednesday 05.10.2022. In the premises of the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Srpska Public sector, the Glossary of Audit Terms for the needs of prosecutors was presented, which the Supreme Audit office created in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The purpose of the Glossary is to make the terminology of public sector audits as simple and qualitative as possible, primarily to prosecutors, but also to all other institutions and individuals who use audit reports in their work.

The glossary is the result of the activities foreseen in the Strategy of the fight against corruption of the Republic of Srpska for the period 2018-2022 and the corresponding Action Plan for the implementation of the aforementioned Strategy.

“Given that audit reports are one of the possible indicators of irregularities in the work of public sector institutions, it is very important that the judiciary and institutions that deal with investigative activities have this glossary at hand, which will shorten and facilitate the investigation period, and also help the judicial authorities to make the best possible decision. Creating the Glossary is another step forward on the way to more responsible and transparent institutions of the public sector, and I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us today to have another document that will further clarify the role of auditing in the public sector,” said auditor general Jovo Radukić.

The Government of the Republic of Srpska, through the relevant Ministry of Justice and the international partner OSCE, started the implementation of the activities foreseen in the Strategy and Action Plan, which should bring the audit terminology as close as possible to the prosecutors in the Republic of Srpskbased one basis of audit reports.

“I would like to thank the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Srpska public sector for their cooperation in the preparation of the Glossary, which we hope will facilitate the work primarily of prosecutors, but also of all other institutions. The mission of the OSCE remains committed to providing further support in the fight against corruption,” said Ivan Lupis, Director of the Human Dimension Department at the OSCE.

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Srpska, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Srpska, and the District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Banja Luka were also present at the presentation of the glossary.