The Supreme Office for the Republic of Srpska public sector auditing (hereinafter the GSRJS) is committed to respecting the privacy of users and handle personal information in accordance with the legislation in force.

The website does not automatically gather any personal information about users, such as names, phone numbers or email addresses. We collect this information only if our website users send e-mail to us and store it and use solely for the purpose of communication between the user and the GSRJS.

The GSRJS uses software programs to monitor network traffic in order to collect statistical data about using the website and identify unauthorized access attempts to add or change information or cause damage to any other means. This programs receives and records Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer from which you have made access to, date and time of the visit and the pages you have visited. We do not try to link these addresses with the identity of visitors, as long as these do not attempt to cause damage to

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The website does not use cookies in order to monitor usage and identification of sites that were previously visited.