Renata Čajić Kužet, head of the Sector for Development, Methodology, and Quality Control, met the requirements and passed the exam for a public sector auditor in the area of compliance auditing according to the INTOSAI program, and Slađana Petrović, senior performance auditor, did the same in the field of performance audit. The certificate was presented to them by Auditor General Jovo Radukić and Deputy Auditor General Božana Trninić.

The Supreme Audit Office by its capacities, supports the professional development of employees, which is reflected in the continuous certification for public sector auditors within the professional education program implemented by the Development Initiative of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

The Auditor General congratulated on another important verification of the knowledge and competencies of employees in the Supreme Audit Office, with encouragement to all other employed auditors to maintain and develop their professional knowledge applicable and needed in public sector auditing.

The program launched in March 2021 aims to help auditors develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities and is divided into general and functional competencies.

General competencies relate to the role and responsibilities of supreme audit institutions, ethics and professional conduct in public sector auditing, principles and methodologies, and the legal and regulatory environment of public sector auditing.

Functional competencies refer to specific areas of auditing, such as financial audits, compliance audits, and performance audits.

This program is an important resource that can help auditors improve their work and thus contribute to the efficient and responsible management of public funds.