On 21.03.2023. In the organization of the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Srpska public sector in Banja Luka, a joint training of performance auditors of supreme audit institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held, which was aimed at strengthening capacity in the area of performance audit.

Given that the Supreme Audit Ofice was the host of this event, Auditor General Jovo Radukić emphasized in his opening address that these types of training are extremely important for every supreme audit institution. “I would like to wish everyone successful work and I hope that today’s training will offer new knowledge or confirm the already existing ones. What is important to emphasize is that no one trains public sector auditors, especially performance auditors, and there are none on the labor market. With that, we are all focused on each other, and we are especially obliged to transfer knowledge and experience to younger colleagues who are just at the beginning of their careers”, the auditor general pointed out and added that the management of all supreme audit institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina are open to suggestions on topics which could be part of joint trainings in the future.

Senior performance auditors from the Supreme Audit Office Daliborka Milijević, Slađana Jagodić, Mladenko Marković and Bojan Dragišić were engaged as lecturers at the joint training, who covered topics related to the INTOSAI professional framework and competences of performance auditors, communication in performance audits, collection of audit evidence and efficiency of the audit process and data visualization in the function of effective communication.

The presentation was also held by the representative of the State Audit Institution of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Stefanović, who introduced the attendees to the practices and experiences of communication in performance audits in this institution.

The training was attended by 40 representatives of the Office for the Audit of BiH Institutions, the Office for the Audit of Institutions in the FBiH, the Office for the Audit of Public Administration and Institutions in the Brčko District and the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Srpska public sector.

After the training, a panel discussion was held in which the managers of the performance audit organizational units of the Supreme Audit Institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia participated and discussed the challenges, prospects, and risks in performance audit.